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Euronext N.V.’s digital currency launch may affect the whole industry

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Euronext N.V.’s digital currency launch may affect the whole industry

December 04
21:18 2019

Euronext N.V. digital currency board was launched on March 3, 2019. At 8:00 a.m. on May 17, it landed on the NASDAQ large screen, the landmark building of New York Times Square. This announced to the world that Euronext has entered the block chain field. The currency board is expected to open registration transactions in the Asian region in early December. This activity is a strong combination of Euronext and Swiss bank, aiming to build a digital currency exchange with real privacy security, asset security and information security. As soon as the news came out, countless senior players in the currency circle couldn’t wait to participate.

The Euronext N.V. digital currency sector inherits the confidentiality, security, smoothness of UBS and the huge resources of Euronext. No matter how much money people have, no matter which country people are in, they can complete the transaction quickly and receive the account in real time through Euronext. The world’s famous casinos and Euronext N.V. also have long-term strategic cooperation, so they can directly complete the code change, realization and other links.

In today’s competitive society, not all things can get enough resources, better development, so that can be able to exist in the industry easily. On the contrary, only the natural law of survival of the fittest can compete for more excellent products and stand out from them. In the competition of many trading platforms, Euronext can own a space is related to its original intention of serving investors. Euronext is a security trading platform at the national defense level.

With the gradual development of the exchange, Euronext is also facing various opportunities and challenges. In the face of these challenges, Euronext has always faced difficulties with the vision of its leading era. With the passage of time, the current Euronext has become a synonym for public praise and popularity. 

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