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Top Encrypted Team is developing Betamars Platform in Metaverse

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Top Encrypted Team is developing Betamars Platform in Metaverse

January 03
17:37 2022

This year is an extraordinary year. Under the impact of the pandemic, the global economic situation may witness tremendous changes. Recently, a piece of news named “Nike’s acquisition of the virtual market founder PTFKT” has been debated. The concept of “metaverse” has been heatedly discussed again. Leaders from all circles around the world have already begun to arrange the gaming industry. Game industry a breakthrough of metaverse concept.

Breaking the entertainment properties of traditional games, BetaMars realizes the surreal ecological civilization of metaverse.

BetaMars, originated from the living scene digitization enthusiasts’ community, is a highly open metaverse project. With virtual multiple identities and telepresence “digital life records”, it is jointly created by the world’s top encryption team. It is certainly that the metaverse is not an escape from reality but a tool for humans. BetaMars aims at building a surreal ecological civilization in metaverse where players can be digitally engaged in playing, socializing, competing, working, reading and travelling in virtual identities and telepresence ways. Each decision made by players would lead to different consequences. The most attractive point of BetaMars is that the development of the world is not the result of formula calculations but a combination of emotions, interests and human nature which will never be replaced by technologies. It is expected to bring us the innovation of the virtual world, and even promote the co-prosperity of the gaming content, community, education, trade, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

Human-centered is the core objective of BetaMars’ research and development team, and it is the core value that distinguishes BetaMars from traditional games. The game is no longer a pure entertainment tool for killing time, but a part of daily life, which would empower digital code with player’s enthusiasm and emotions, making it dynamic. Through breaking spatial and distance limits, it can generate some more timeless values.

In addition, BetaMars pays efforts to bring the tactile dimension into virtual space to provide a better and more engaging way for communicating. In this regard, our team is exploring a highly decentralized and digitized world. We hope everything in the world can be recorded on the chain permanently. Cryptocurrency, Web3.0 and NFT make this a reality and realize the decentralization of the metaverse and remote digital participation in BetaMars world.

Behind the professionalism of BetaMars is the strength of an excellent team

The individual’s strength may be less powerful, but a group has infinite potential.

“The BetaMars team is composed of diverse talents. All members play their own roles and step forward firmly, which is the key to our success,” Silvia said. As the founder of the BetaMars project and the director of BetaMars gaming operations, she has a natural advantage for being the head of Garena gaming operations in Singapore. Besides the well-known League of Legends and The Deer and the Cauldron, the large role-playing game, Garena has integrated and developed online community, virtual currency, language interaction and games. Therefore, as the operation director of Garena, she has rich practical experiences and operational methods to lead the team for further development.

The previous work experience and life also gave Silvia more new ideas for BetaMars’ development: the development of games should always be human-centered. It will be a combination of extremely immersive experience, rich ecology, super-aging social system and virtual interaction economy in the future. Based on VR and AR technology, users can seamlessly walk into virtual worlds to achieve a breakthrough in the sense of reality, which would improve the feelings of users’ immersive experiences.

Technology is the key to BetaMars’s development and experience in its whole developing process. As CTO of BetaMars, Zach leads the team to design and write the blockchain underlying code and upgrade the source code of BetaMars’ smart contract. The first impression of Zach is that he does not look like a serious science and technology geek. He is an out-going guy in reallife. But once working, he would show his professional and cautious attitudes. He followed BM to jointly develop and design BitShares and EOS. He has worked in the gaming software development industry for more than ten years, and also has experience in the financial industry. There are millions of active users using his application programs. “Blockchain technology and its ecosystem will be the future of technology,” he said firmly, “I am very optimistic about this project, both in terms of technological trends and future development of the game.”

At the same time, a great immersive game cannot grow without the help of visual arts. Jeff has 9 years of experience in large-scale gaming projects, and he has rich experience in 3D scene realistic and vehicle production. He participated in 3A projects such as Maple Leaf and DNF, and worked in Nexon, a top gaming studio in South Korea. Moreover, the design of BetaMars requires high-quality gaming characters and gaming scenes to draw high quality elements, objects and icons. According to Jeff, “Visual effect is just like marketing. It is used to increase the popularity of games with excellent and new mechanics. Artistic effects can make games more appealing and interesting, which is conducive to the recognition of the games”.

Leoohart, consultant for the BetaMars project, is delighted to say that he has had a passion for games since his childhood and he is an avid online gamer. As a cryptocurrency entrepreneur and investor, he believes that there is a promising market for BetaMars.

BetaMars could be a breakthrough for the gaming industry with the concept of metaverse.

The concept of metaverse originated from Snow Crash,written by American science fiction writer Neal Stephenson and later allowed players to project their online avatars in parallel worlds with the support of various digital technologies, including AR, VR and the Internet. At the same time, Roblox, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Disney and other industry giants are also setting up metaverse. In 2021, many companies are tagged with the metaverse, which makes this concept the hottest word of the year.

The timely BetaMars contains more elements in human nature, in which the parallel world in BetaMars is like the epitome of civilized society. Additionally, with the development and improvement of the BetaMars world, the relationship between people and people, people and resources, and people and society will become more complicated. As for the development direction of BetaMars, everyone is equal. In the BetaMars’ future world, the greatest charm will be to explore the meaning of life in the unknown world.

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