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Entrust In Vivo Animal Test to Creative Biolabs and Propel the PROTAC Projects

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Entrust In Vivo Animal Test to Creative Biolabs and Propel the PROTAC Projects

January 25
19:38 2022
Creative Biolabs has been cultivating its technologies about proteolysis targeting chimeric molecule (PROTAC) for years, the achievements of which are notably embodied in its all-inclusive PROTAC service platform. Due to the advanced skills plus flexibility, Creative Biolabs has become such a reliable CRO benefiting worldwide pharmaceutical corporations.

New York, USA – January 25, 2022 – PROTAC-induced targeted protein degradation has attracted the favor of many academic institutions and large pharmaceutical enterprises since it presents great superiority over the conventional drug discovery approaches. However, PROTAC cannot function well unless a comprehensive set of preparatory work such as ligand design for protein targets is accomplished by professionals. With years of devotion, Creative Biolabs’ expertise in PROTAC-associated services and products gains far-ranging approval from downstream partners, which keeps motivating it for further advances.

The business about PROTAC at Creative Biolabs currently involves PROTAC molecule discovery, in vitro evaluation, and in vivo animal test, nearly covering every step essential for initiating PROTAC projects. Although in vivo animal test is at the terminal stage of PROTAC development, it is equally stressed by technicians at Creative Biolabs. “We possess a world-class service platform for conducting in vivo animal assays which will evaluate the toxicity and ADME of PROTACs in experimental animals,” a technician of Creative Biolabs proudly told the reporter.

In vivo animal test is a procedure that any candidate PROTACs should go through for determining whether they can move on to clinical trials, as well as for guiding follow-up optimization. Creative Biolabs can tackle both in vivo toxicity and ADME assessments, offering deep insight into PROTAC safety.

In the first place, various toxicity assays are contrived by Creative Biolabs to fulfill diverse intentions. For instance, acute toxicity test is carried out to examine the adverse effects of PROTACs within a short time (generally less than 24 hours), whereas repeated dose toxicity test is to characterize the adverse effects after regular daily dosing (usually from several weeks to years). Besides, tests for reproductive toxicity, developmental toxicity, and carcinogenicity are all attainable at Creative Biolabs to satisfy general or customer-specified requirements.

ADME assessment for PROTAC, decoded as absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion evaluation of PROTACs, is of the same importance as toxicity test. The results of ADME assays contribute to the revelation of pharmacokinetics and pharmacology for PROTACs. Energized by the doctoral-level technicians, Creative Biolabs’ service package includes manifold in vivo ADME studies in different disease models developed inside distinct species. As regards the routes of administration, Creative Biolabs also works with multitudinous forms comprising oral, intravenous, dermal, intraperitoneal, inhalation, intrathecal, infusion, or other delivery methods.

Creative Biolabs’ one-stop PROTAC services have served the pharmaceutical profession for years. To get the whole picture of its PROTAC platform, please visit


Creative Biolabs is a reputed biotech company committed to promoting drug research and engineering. Its services span from early drug discovery to preclinical assessment, containing the overall process of pharmaceutical development. Owing to the spirit of professionalism and craftsmanship, Creative Biolabs is moving forward to be a big-league CRO.

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