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Creative Biolabs Announced Update of mRNA Solutions

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Creative Biolabs Announced Update of mRNA Solutions

April 19
17:41 2022
Creative Biolabs, an innovation-driven biotech CRO that offers first-level services and standard products for researchers working on mRNA for a variety of applications, has announced an upgrade in its service and product portfolios.

New York, USA – April 19, 2022 – The R&D process of mRNA vaccine has been keenly followed worldwide since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the layout of mRNA therapy has become an important track for large pharmaceutical corporations to actively plan. Creative Biolabs, holding expertise in mRNA synthesis, modification, and delivery optimization, can expedite clients’ projects by one-stop custom service and customarily prepared products.

“Our solution covers the entire workflow of mRNA drug discovery,” according to a specialist. “The design of mRNA drugs is simple if the target gene’s base sequence is known, and the chemical modification and delivery system design are relatively independent, which can be simultaneously operated, conducive to a short development cycle.”

Although chemical modifications can improve the stability and immunogenicity of mRNA drugs that, however, must enter the cell to take effect. Due to the large molecular weight and usually negative charge, mRNA drugs are less efficiently taken up by cells and escaped by endosomes, necessitating the use of powerful delivery systems. Creative Biolabs has established a versatile development platform catering to the increasing inquiries regarding target delivery. Some of the most widely used mRNA delivery vehicles are:

* Lipid-based Vector: lipoplex, lipid nanoparticle, cationic nanoemulsion, lipid-like delivery molecules, nanostructured lipid carriers

* Polymer-based Vector: polyplex, micelleplex

* Hybrid Vector: lipopolyplexes, cationic nanoemulsions

“Modifications to the delivery system can enhance the uptake efficiency of mRNA drugs in target tissues, for example, nanoparticle structures can allow improved permeability of nucleic acid drugs in tissues such as liver, spleen, and tumors, improving binding to target cells and cellular uptake efficiency.” Added the scientist. “Lipids are currently one of the most studied delivery systems, and there are already approved nucleic acid drugs using the LNP delivery systems.”

Creative Biolabs also prepares mRNA-based assays for detection and validation purposes, e.g., nuclease protection assay, PrimeFlow RNA assay, RNA fluorescence assay, and RNA methylation assay.

“Our current services already cover the mainstream studies on the market, but we are still expanding our capabilities.”

Visit Creative Biolabs mRNA site to learn more:


Stability and translation efficiency remain two critical issues during the development of mRNA therapeutics, which can have an impact on the entire development process and must be addressed as soon as possible. To that purpose, Creative Biolabs has established a comprehensive platform that allows for mRNA synthesis, modification, and delivery approach optimization.

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