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Life As An Adventure | Palok Chakraborty – Spectrum India, 2022

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Life As An Adventure | Palok Chakraborty – Spectrum India, 2022

April 19
15:40 2022
Life As An Adventure | Palok Chakraborty - Spectrum India, 2022
Palok Chakraborty – Spectrum India, 2022
Palok Chakraborty is an aspiring writer who loves to express his thoughts, feelings & opinions through words. He is a graduate with an Honors in English. He hails from Jalpaiguri, WB. He enjoys writing, reading articles and watching astronomy videos during leisure.

Into The UnknownIt is truly confounding to understand the destination of the journey when you do not know from where the journey has begun in the first place. Source and destination are like two ends that bind us and attribute a sense of meaning or purpose to whatever lies in between. Life is like a vast ocean of consciousness whose two extremes are – quite inexplicably – shrouded in a halo of mystery.

It’s like a stream of consciousness, injected suddenly in a lifeless being without the attendant knowledge of its genesis or possible demise. It is our voyage into the unknown, a glance towards an opaque direction, an endeavor to make out something from nothing, a sensation to sense what is beyond the realms of five senses. Life is not all about meaning & purposes only since it is greater than all those things.

Life combines both meaningful and not meaningful, hope as well as despair, material and immaterial, love as well as dejection, mundane and supramundane. Life is not mere existence but more importantly how you choose to define that existence. Life is a wondrous experience, a reverie conjured out of nowhere by the unknown, an illusory surfeit of din and bustle pregnant with hollow insignificance. Life is that rarest perfume that we all smell but fail to define what it truly is.

It is a voyage into an uncharted dimension whose details are unravelled only when we stride ahead. It is a nameless, faceless journey into the unknown where nobody knows why it started at all. Life is an answer in itself but it is also the gravest question mark with which we all grapple throughout our lives.

Is our existence a product of choice and selection or a random spin-off of a set of permutations and combinations? Given the endless diversity and beauty that can be noticed in this entire world, the notion that life is a mere by-product of a colossal fortuitous process baffles scientists and philosophers alike and consequently begets wildly speculative possibilities that lie well outside of the furthest perimeter of our imagination.

The typical trappings of the modern world – from the materialistic standpoint – are all fundamentally transient and cannot bridge our efforts to understand what lies beyond the outermost boundaries of human cognition. Quite contrarily, they rather sharpen our hedonistic taste buds while making us oblivious about our unique place in this vast cosmological scheme of things. To attain the true purpose of life, we must strive to rise above and liberate our existence from the sybaritic shackles of all things ephemeral.

Does life appear before us with an already defined purpose? Or conversely, we are the ones who should suffuse it with sense and direction in our journey to the unknown. Are we just mere pawns in this seeming superstructure of “Cause and Effect” that so pervades this entire cosmos? Are we really “at liberty” to enjoy and experience this once-in-a-lifetime sojourn? Or are we simply the dramatis personae of a play called “Life”?

Do we truly have the luxury of affording a “choice” in this sequence of events that seems to shackle us even before we set foot in this unique podium? Is it an illusion then? Might this be a reverie that ends as we approach our so-called demise? As the knowledge about our existence deepens, the question of introspection inevitably arises from the remotest depths of our mind to make matters intelligible out of this unintelligible eternity.

The lifelong quest for transcendence is often coloured with the hues of what is immediate and hence becomes subjective in the end. Moreover, it is immeasurably difficult to understand life as an outsider while remaining within the cocoon of life itself. Because in the process of analysis and self-scrutiny, the final piece of jigsaw puzzle that stands in our way is our own irreducible entity. Life is endowed with infinite hues of meaning which, when grouped together can best be summed up as a brilliant collage of impressions.

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