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Indian Visa Application Online provides a separate e-Visa called a medical attendant e-Visa for those who accompany a patient to India

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Indian Visa Application Online provides a separate e-Visa called a medical attendant e-Visa for those who accompany a patient to India

July 29
21:30 2022

The electronic travel authorization introduced by the Indian Government in 2014 allows people to apply for a medical attendant Visa other than the medical e-Visa. Citizens from foreign countries who are coming along with a patient who needs medical care from India can apply for a medical attendant e-Visa.

Indian Visa Application allows foreigners to apply for different kinds of e-Visas like medical e-Visa, tourist e-Via, business e-Visa, etc. Each of these Visas is introduced for a particular purpose of visit, and they come with different validity periods.

Indian Medical Attendant Visa

Many people from eligible foreign countries are visiting India mainly for medical treatment or consultation. At least one person must accompany the patient for safety requirements. Indian medical attendant e-Visa is provided to those people who are coming along with the patient to India. Thus, the Indian medical attendant e-Visa is for those family members, friends, or any other person/s who is coming along with the patient. allows people to easily apply for both medical e-Visa and medical attendant e-Visa. Currently, they provide two medical attendant e-Visa for one medical e-Visa. Indian medical attendant e-Visa comes with the same validity of 60 days as a medical e-Visa. Likewise, it is also a triple entry e-Visa that can be used to enter India three times.

Indian Business Visa

Indian Business e-Visa allows people from foreign countries to visit India for business-related purposes. The purpose can be buying or selling goods in India, attending business meetings, taking part in business fares, trade or exhibitions, etc. With people can now quickly apply for an Indian business e-Visa. Normally, business e-Visas are valid for one year from the date it is issued. Individuals can use it to stay in India continuously for 180 days and they are also eligible for utilizing the multiple entry facility. The multiple entry facility allows people to enter India frequently based on their needs; thus, it is beneficiary for many businessmen.

To be eligible to apply for any type of Indian e-Visas, the individual must have a passport that is valid for six months from the date of entry into India. Other than passports, they must provide a valid email id to receive the e-Visa. Payment methods like PayPal, credit or debit card are also necessary to complete the Visa application. All other details including the requirements and eligibility criteria are provided

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