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Unlock Further Potentials of Macrophage Therapy with Creative Biolabs

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Unlock Further Potentials of Macrophage Therapy with Creative Biolabs

August 03
21:57 2022
Integrating state-of-the-art technologies and outstanding scientists, Creative Biolabs has the capacity to offer accurate and effective solutions for researchers committed to developing macrophage therapeutics.

New York, USA – August 3, 2022 – Macrophages have gradually been taken into consideration for cancer immunotherapy in recent years, which has become a prospective target for improved cancer treatments due to their beneficial impacts on current therapeutic techniques. Creative Biolabs provides a full range of well-aimed services to support macrophage therapeutics development with innovative platforms.

Macrophage Therapeutics Development

As a heterogeneous population of immune cells, macrophages support crucial innate immune defense and play diverse functions in homeostasis and immune responses. Also, macrophages are of enhanced cytotoxic phenotype, which is essential in illnesses development, including cancer, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular problems, and tuberculosis.

Scientists at Creative Biolabs offer full-scale services based on a cutting-edge platform for the development of macrophage therapeutics, including:

* Macrophage isolation and culture services

* Macrophage polarization assay

* Macrophage polarization phenotype identification service

* Macrophage characterization service

* Macrophage reprogramming service

* Macrophage-targeted drug delivery system

* Macrophage engineering service for drug delivery

* Macrophage marker development service

Based on the above-listed services, this article will dig into the details of macrophage characterization and macrophage engineering.

Creative Biolabs combines industry-leading knowledge with a cutting-edge macrophage development platform to offer top-notch macrophage characterization services that include but are not limited to:

* Wright-Giemsa staining and lysosome staining for the analysis of morphological differences

* Analyzing phenotype differences using flow cytometry

* Proliferative capability analysis by proliferation assay

* Analysis of the FITC-dextran uptake test for phagocytosis

* Thymidine incorporation assay for measuring antigen-presenting ability

* Microarray or real-time PCR analysis of the cytokine expression profile

Macrophages are good carriers of small-molecule drugs, proteins, and nucleic acids. They are also crucial to the growth and spread of cancer. Proinflammatory M1 macrophages can especially target tumors and phagocytose cancer cells due to their role in the tumor microenvironment.

Versatile solutions for macrophage engineering, macrophage-derived exosomes, and macrophage membranes are available at Creative Biolabs to support the discovery of macrophage-mediated drug delivery systems with the following merits:

* Prolongation of drug circulation time and half-life

* Excellent biocompatibility and biodegradability

* Improvement of drug stability and drug targeting ability

* Low immunogenicity

* Sustained drug release

* Delivery of various substances

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Creative Biolabs is a well-known leader in the development of macrophage therapies, providing global clients with timely, reliable help to solve obstacles at every stage of disease research owing to a team of experienced scientists and specially equipped facilities.

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