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End This Year With – Laugh Now, Cry Later by Willie T The Hitmaker

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End This Year With – Laugh Now, Cry Later by Willie T The Hitmaker

January 24
18:25 2023

Forced by circumstances and dragged into unfamiliar situations, Willie T The Hitmaker never gave up. Willie T is one of the newest artists in the genre of Hip-hop across the globe. He follows a unique style of creating and composing music. He has collected experiences from various walks of his life. Very rarely does someone have the ability to turn their tragedy into art, Willie T can do exactly that.

Willie T has pushed the bar for hip-hop artists to the highest level. Even though he had a tough life growing up, he never shattered his dreams. He has been inspired by a ton of other artists that helped him create what he does today. He is one of the most exceptional stories that is not only heart-wrenching but also inspirational.

Willie T grew up on the streets of Dade County, Florida. It was supposed to be one of the most dangerous and criminally active areas of America. Dade County was regarded as one of the crime capitals of Florida. It was an excessively dangerous place to live in. Willie T grew up with a lot of traumatic experiences. He shares his life story and experiences on the street through his songs.

Although Willie T grew up in the dreadful streets of Dade County, he has no hatred for his hometown. Dade County is his home, his heartbeat. He uses it as his inspiration to strive ahead in life. As a child, Willie was often bullied, mugged, or became a victim of domestic violence. Domestic violence prevailed haphazardly in his family. The curse passed on from one generation to the other. Willie T finally took the courage to break this cycle. He was a different person. A rare breed.

Willie T survived a lot during his time in Dade County. He survived a gunshot wound, domestic violence, kidnapping, and even ambushing. He gained his education from Dade County as well. He spent most of his childhood and adolescence in the streets of Dade County. Little did people know that Willie would break free from the shackles of this town and create music someday.

Willie T and his love for music were eternal. He had the gift of creating exceptional music right from a young age. His grandparents recognized his passion and encouraged him to pursue it further. They saw his talent and appreciated it. They saw Willie for what he was. They kept the light alive in him.

Despite all the hurdles he was faced with, Willie T was never despondent. He went on to invest more and more time into creating good music. He built a music studio of his own. Willie T worked a day in and day out to keep his musical passion alive. It was been nearly six years since he has been doing this.

Music is his mode of expression. From politics to fears, he pens it all down in his songs. It is his dream to tell the world his story. He wants people to live, love, and experience through his songs.

Willie T released his latest single titled ”Laugh Now Cry Later” on 2nd December 2022. The song features him alongside Flame LaSauce. The song was produced by Fabo Beatz. Lang. The main theme of the song is: breaking free of preconceived notions. It urges you to take action without worrying about the consequences.

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