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Flala is well prepared for the opportunities and challenges of the coming year

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Flala is well prepared for the opportunities and challenges of the coming year

January 31
23:09 2023

In April 2022, Flala will become available for the first time in the Vietnamese app market. As soon as it was launched, Fala climbed to the top four download lists for Vietnam iOS, social apps in Google APP store, and paid lists. After over eight months of operation in 2022, Flala, a developing social application platform, has amassed more than 2 million downloads and registrations across more than 170 countries and regions.

The arrival of 2023 will also usher in new prospects for the chat social application market. Let’s review Flala’s preparations for the upcoming challenges in 2022.

Logo and Icon Upgrading

Logo may generate brand awareness and brand value, as well as affect user brand loyalty. Flala improved the old abstract and flat logo to the current concrete and three-dimensional design, which is more likely to catch user’s attention on a global scale. The image of an owl waving corresponds with the product’s social characteristics.

The most recent icon adds a sound logo to the 3D owl’s head, increasing the user’s brand recognition of the voice chat function.


Build an IP Image

In October of last year, Flala unveiled the corresponding IP image. The public adored a purple owl with its head cocked and one eye blinking that came into view. According to reports, this IP was inspired by the owl that provides information to the wizard in “Harry Potter” and the love bird of Athena, the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom.

Establishing an IP image contributes to the enhancement of brand culture. Currently, Flala is planning spin-off movements for the fashion brand. Future Flala users will have the possibility to receive adorable IP peripheral gifts.


Brand Positioning Refresh

The brand positioning of Flala was revised to “Flala is a global socializing app that provides multi-lingual instant translation service. We’ve started with one goal in mind to create an unbound socializing space for users worldwide to chat easily and freely and share their mood at any time and place.”

Consumers can infer from the new brand positioning that Flala pays more attention to the user experience by highlighting the humanistic care of chatting and user’s mood. Flala is not just a social chat product, but also a platform for users to vent their emotions and heal their souls, making it easier for users to communicate and speak freely. They can converse with one another in order to identify their ideal audience.

Initiate a New Model of “Social + Game”

The Flala app continues to receive new casual games. By integrating the entertainment scene and interactive gameplay of the game, Flala enabled users who may not initially know each other or who are unfamiliar with each other at the beginning of the match to initiate a chat topic and a reason for social interaction, providing users with a game-like experience while chatting and socializing. 

Next, Flala will introduce new sections and modes to enhance chat forms and promote social diversity.

By developing a series of brand actions in 2022, Flala will continue to consolidate its brand image and increase its brand awareness externally. The young Flala is undergoing a time of rapid development and is courageous enough to embrace the new opportunities and challenges that 2023 will present. We believe Flala is well-prepared for the upcoming year, and its future is looking promising.

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