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BNBTIGER Launches as a Decentralized Community Experiment on Binance Smart Chain to Rebuild Market Trust and Eliminate Zeros

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BNBTIGER Launches as a Decentralized Community Experiment on Binance Smart Chain to Rebuild Market Trust and Eliminate Zeros

February 24
19:10 2023

Norfolk, NE – BNBTiger has officially launched, marking a new era for decentralized finance (DeFi) enthusiasts searching for a trustworthy and robust community-driven decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The BNBTiger community is committed to rebuilding the market’s security and trust following the bear market struggles that many people faced.



BNBTiger9527 founded the community’s primary goal is to eliminate all zeros and surpass the historical record set by Shib, another prominent DeFi project. BNBTiger has released a massive number of tokens, with 50% destroyed and the remaining 50% allocated to the initial decentralized trading liquidity pools, making it a pure community experiment. All token addresses are published for community supervision, ensuring transparency and fairness.

BNBTiger is a decentralized community experiment with no team share or private equity. The total token supply is 10000000000000000000000000, and it runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20). It is the governance token of the BNBTiger community, and it is used in the decentralized NFT market, where it is burned as a fee. It also serves as a lottery ticket, with a chance to receive various BSC ecology tokens airdrop daily.

The community’s ultimate goal is to build a DAO organization that is entirely community-driven, where the community decides the possibilities for future development. BNBTiger can have unlimited options according to the community’s requirements; it can be a gaming platform, a decentralized exchange, and more. The community will decide the future of BNBTiger, and no one will lead the project.

As the original initiator of BNBTiger, BNBTiger9527 has no initial share and cannot determine the direction of BNBTiger. The community will have complete control over all rights, and community management is gradually implementing a full DAO. All ecological projects based on the BSC main network will be airdropped to BNBTiger holders.



In addition, BNBTiger is launching a training game that allows players to earn more tokens while also donating tokens. Players will train tiger cubs to PK, with the ultimate goal of training their tiger cubs to be the best. Each tiger cub has a rank, and their talent value is determined by its endurance, intelligence, courage, and environmental awareness. The higher their talent value, the more likely they will win in PK.

BNBTiger is positioned as a cross-chain decentralized asset management platform and is a complete DEFI and NFT infrastructure. With the community’s guidance, it may become a comprehensive platform with SWAP platform, NFT market, decentralized exchange market, HDO market, and more.

About the Company – BNB Tiger

BNBTIGER is a decentralized community experiment launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) on January 3, 2022. The project aims to rebuild trust and security in the market by eliminating fraudulent projects and building a completely community-driven decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with no team share or private equity.

To learn more about BNBTiger and become a part of the community experiment, please visit

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