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The laws of survival in the future world – HitchHiker of Star launches “Cosmic Adventure Guide”

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The laws of survival in the future world – HitchHiker of Star launches “Cosmic Adventure Guide”

February 28
20:41 2023

Recently, HitchHiker of Star launched a campaign called “Cosmic Adventure Guide” to its global users, inviting them to travel the adventure world of HitchHiker of Star together. HitchHiker of Star was born in June 2022, a PFP project with 4,550 NFTs and an unparalleled vision, grand worldview and exciting story line. Universe, interstellar adventure, mechman, any one of these keywords has great traffic, and HitchHiker of Star is a collection of these buzzwords.

Why did the Hitchhikers set out on a cosmic adventure?

–The so-called world of Web3 is actually the future world that people expect to be beautiful. HitchHiker of Star believes that beauty is the result, not the process, and that people inevitably need to go through ups and downs to reach the idealized state, as is the case with the future world HitchHiker of Star is building.

In 2289 A.D., a planet deep in the universe, a group of one-eyed intelligent creatures, the Mechs (Hitchhikers), survive, with a highly prosperous civilization and the power to travel across the universe. However, due to the over-exploitation of resources and the abnormal climate of the planet, the Hitchhikers gradually lost their confidence in their future life.

At this point, the Hitchhiker civilization witnessed its last glory in apprehension and officially entered a period of decay. The illusory prosperity that the city possessed was torn apart, resources depleted, glaciers melted, and the earth’s axis was distorted. Along with this came extreme weather and natural disasters.

(Extreme climate, -100 degrees, abandoned mining trucks)

(Global warming, rise in sea level, base established by Hitchhiker in the Gobi)

(The last oil field)

(Deserted steel mills due to resource depletion)

Hitchhiker has the power to explore the universe, but is powerless in the face of planetary natural disasters. This is the law of the universe, but also the consequences of people’s reckless activities. In this way, with the help of technology, Hitchhiker continued to move the settlement and built survival fortresses, but this is not a long-term solution, because the planet’s space for survival is getting smaller and smaller, as the surface is covered by floods and lava, which puts people’s lives at stake. The Hitchhiker royal family entered the secret room and consulted the ultimate mystery of the [Interstellar Rover’s Guide Manual] in an attempt to find answers.

Doctrinal Code 283 records, [Ultimate Aeon Revelation] – “Advice to the evaders: a group of people whose faith is broken finally realize that they cannot escape, and that only by facing the harsh reality can they know the ultimate Aeon. Earth, the origin of interstellar energy, go, go to the Earth to find the answer to the ultimate mystery.”

In fact, the [Interstellar Rover’s Guide Manual] is a summary of the experience passed down through generations of Hitchhikers. The manual tells Hitchhiker that the door to rebirth is on a planet called [Earth], and the manual marks the coordinates of [Earth] but does not reveal more information.

History is always written by the victors, and the truth is always known only to those who have lived it. Earth, the legendary planet where interstellar energy originated, has the power to reboot the universe and save the galaxy. Hitchhiker decided to go to Earth and find out the truth.

(Preparing for departure to open the Age of Aerospace)

(Hitchhiker fleet flying into the universe)

“Don’t panic”, this is the slogan of the Hitchhiker, but also the representative of the spirit. Can the universe, full of danger and the unknown, stop the adventures of the Hitchhiker? No doubt the answer is no.

The brave Hitchhikers righteously embarked on the long road to save the universe, and there will be more surprises waiting to be discovered along the way!

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