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No Win No Fee Policy By Brisbane Lawyers Explained By Splatt Lawyers

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No Win No Fee Policy By Brisbane Lawyers Explained By Splatt Lawyers

March 07
23:30 2023

People with a valid personal injury claim in Queensland will likely consider working with a local Brisbane No Win, No Fee law firm. Some people are suspicious about no win no fee legal funding because it seems too good to be true. It’s important to note that not all no win no fee lawyers are the same. The process of how compensation lawyers charge fees can differ significantly, which may cause confusion and uncertainty about the next steps.

That’s why Splatt Lawyers is giving its clients clarity and essential information, enabling them to make an informed choice. While “no win, no fee” payment model may seem risk-free at first glance, here is the list of some essential factors about the Brisbane personal injury lawyers offer that should be taken into account before signing on the dotted line.

First and foremost, it’s vital to understand what “no win, no fee” means. In essence, clients won’t be paying any legal fees if their claim fails. However, if they win the case, the injury law firm will take a percentage of the settlement earning as their fee. Although this legal funding model could benefit those who can’t pay for experienced legal representation in advance, people should be aware of potential hidden drawbacks before agreeing to any contracts.

Hidden Fact 1: The Difference Between Legal Fees and Costs

Professional fees are the payment levied upon the client to pay for the lawyer’s time preparing and winning the case. Legal costs are the other expenses that are required to win the case. This includes professional assessments and medical reports. Some No Win, No Pay lawyers will cover both under their No fee legal cost agreement, but many do not. Not understanding how these expenses differ could result in the loss of thousands when achieving a settlement.

Hidden Fact 2: Success Fees

Disbursements are necessary expenses incurred during the preparation of a case, such as court fees, medical reports, and expert witness fees. In a “no win, no fee” arrangement, these expenses may (or may not) be funded by the law firm upfront, which means clients are responsible for reimbursing these expenses if they win the case. 

Considering that these expenses can accumulate up to thousands of dollars, despite seeming like a reasonable compromise, is crucial. Additionally, it is essential to mention that:

  1. Some law firms are allowed to charge interest on these expenses.

  2. The lawyer may ask the client to agree to a pricey disbursement loan.

Be sure to know who is responsible for disbursement costs before signing with any Brisbane personal injury lawyer. Understand who pays these expenses and the circumstances in order to get a better understanding of the liability of these costs.

Hidden Trap #3: Termination Fees

Surprisingly, making a personal injury claim does not always progress smoothly. If the client decides to terminate the agreement before resolving the case, they might think they owe nothing to the lawyers, but the reality is far from it. Many Brisbane solicitors include a termination fee clause in their “no win, no fee” agreements. In the event of contract termination before the resolution of the case, the client can be responsible for paying a fee to the law firm, which might amount to thousands of dollars.

Hidden Trap #4: Defendant Legal Costs (Court Litigation)

In Queensland, most compensation cases are settled through mediation. If the claim goes to court, there is a possibility of receiving an adverse cost order, regardless of the outcome. This means the client will be responsible for paying a portion or all of the opposing party’s legal expenses.

In some instances, the worth of an adverse cost order may even surpass settlement, leaden to a situation where clients might own more money than their compensation value. Knowing who bears the costs of court proceedings in case of victory or defeat is vital before finalizing a contract with a Brisbane no win, no fee lawyer.

Know the Legal Facts About No Win, No Fee Financing.

Before agreeing to any contracts, it is crucial to know potential hidden traps when considering “no win, no fee” arrangements. Additional charges such as success fees, disbursements, and termination fees may accumulate swiftly and considerably reduce the size of the final compensation payout. People considering a “no win, no fee” arrangement should do due research and choose a reputable Brisbane personal injury law firm that is transparent about its fees and costs. It’s also a good idea to seek legal advice before signing any contracts so that the terms and conditions of the contracts are grasped properly.

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