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You Bank will open a new pattern of digital economy in the next decade

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You Bank will open a new pattern of digital economy in the next decade

September 10
20:37 2019

On August 29, 2019, the block chain digital conference was ceremoniously held in Hong Kong. The first world’s social wealth management Banks based on communication – You Bank formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Asia-Pacific digital Bank. You Bank will be exclusive to underwrite the Asia-Pacific digital Bank’s 1 billion USDA stable currency that was first issued. At the same time, the two sides will actively explore a cooperation in the digital assets, diversified management, ecological construction. 

Asia-pacific digital bank is a digital bank established by the core members of old Wall Street financial institutions. Under the wave of block chain digital finance, the USDA, which connects traditional and digital finance, will become the benchmark currency for digital inclusive finance in the Asia – Pacific region. As a digital asset wealth management platform integrating digital asset storage, payment and settlement, trading, finance, certificate mall, games and social networking, You Bank has achieved large-scale application by virtue of its powerful ecosystem. This strong alliance will promote the integration of digital finance and industry, create a new digital economy ecology, and create an industry benchmark for the application of block chain technology.

Link ‘virtual and real’  in the financial world 

Committed to providing “one-stop” digital asset management and financial services for global users, You Bank has more than 13 types of mainstream digital assets with quantitative value – added capabilities, and provides one-stop digital asset management solutions such as private equity products, tools and derivatives, in order to realize the preservation and appreciation of digital assets.

Relying on the Asia Pacific digital banking foundation, USDA will serve the globally distributed and inclusive financial sector, applying global cross -border trade payment, online digital transaction service, and offline payment in the Asia – Pacific region. USDA will anchor USD 1:1, while traditional Banks will realize rigid exchange for USDA.

Different from the traditional air stabilization coins, each USDA has actual pledged assets in a traditional bank and the bank issues a credit line. That is to say, each USDA corresponds to real assets or interests. BGC bank, a subsidiary of Wall Street group, will make rigid payment as credit guarantee, truly moving from virtual to reality.

Broaden the application of digital assets

You Bank has always been committed to create maximum value for customers, the digital asset management services they provided, covering digital asset store, payment and settlement, financial assets, the mall, games, social networking, etc., and the cooperation with Asia Pacific digital bank in the USDA, not only provides a bridge between legal tender and encryption, but also opens a window between digital assets and real assets management. The in-depth cooperation between Asia – Pacific digital Bank and major financial sectors of the Wall Street financial group will open up more applications in banking, trust, insurance, securities trading, asset management, enterprise financial solutions and other fields for You Bank. The USDA, which adopts a series of measures including Bank endorsement and asset collateral credit guarantee, will become the most reliable digital stable monetary asset of You Bank and realize win-win cooperation in multiple ecological areas.

Explore more value space 

The strategic cooperation signed by You Bank will widen its horizontal collaboration, including the cooperation with the Asia – Pacific digital Bank, Bank of Asia Pacific digital foundation, Wall Street financial group. At the same time, to strengthen the technical exchanges and integration of the industry, promote win-win cooperation in various fields, cross-industry, boost the ecological construction, mining more value of digital assets platform:

  1. Circulation value: It can be widely used for payment, investment income, commercial consumption, and exchange settlement in ecological application scenarios;
  2. Rigid demand value: It can carry out value circulation and conversation with any digital and legal notes;

Investment value: with the investment value, the total value of You Bank will contribute to appreciate due to YBT’s unique destruction mechanism.

We can believe that the digitization of assets by block chain has become a development trend in the future. This cooperation between You Bank and Asia – Pacific digital Bank will greatly promote the development of block chain digital economy, form a strong ecological closed loop, to form new vitality into the development of block chain, and open up a new pattern of digital economy development in the next decade. 

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