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Ringdom Has Launched a LitRPG Writing Competition – Supreme Me Fiction Writing Contest

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Ringdom Has Launched a LitRPG Writing Competition – Supreme Me Fiction Writing Contest

August 19
21:00 2020

A LitRPG writing competition, Supreme Me Fiction Writing Contest, was launched by Ringdom on August 1st. LitRPG, short for Literary Role Playing Game, is an emerging sub-genre that introduced in 2013. Due to the theme – Level Up in Another World, this competition would open to the story which is accompanied with a “Level System”. The competition calls for submissions in the following three months.

The winners’ awards of this contest are set up for the top 10 stories; the First Prize winner would win a 3,000 USD cash prize and be invited to participate in Star Writer Interview. For all the participants, there are several bonuses like sign-on bonuses, daily update rewards, and rewards for completing a story, etc.

For writers who want to become full-time writers or take the first action to create stories, the Supreme Me Fiction Writing Contest is a brand-new chance for writers to share their wildest imagination with a lot of readers, to earn an amount of prize, and more importantly, to improve writing skills which would benefit their long-term career.

Ringdom, the organizer of the Supreme Me Fiction Writing Contest, is an exclusive sub-brand of STARY. STARY is committed to incubating and promoting digital literature works, it has several sub-brands like Dreame, which is an online original stories platform that has more than 100,000,000 users. The difference between Ringdom and Dreame is the content segments. Ringdom aimed at soliciting original outstanding adventure novels with elements like Fantasy, Paranormal Urban, Game, Realistic Urban, Apocalypse, Action, and Suspense/Thriller. Readers are attracted to the Ringdom world by prolific content.

With the support of STARY, it is not the first time Ringdom launches writing contests. The Ringdom Fantastic Life Writing Contest just successfully concluded this June, it has received about 1,000 submissions all over the world from March to June, and six participants have won prizes which were 13,000 USD in total.

Considering the world view, the plot, and the character development are the three elements that make up an outstanding adventure novel, the Ringdom Fantastic Life Writing Contest set three special prizes, including the Best World View, the Best Plot, and the Best Character Development. These special rewards showed Ringdom’s respect for diverse talents and writers’ original intentions of writing.

Besides writing contests, Ringdom has constructed an up-to-date Writers’ Benefits system. In an effort to support indie writers and aspiring writers, there are full-time writer plans and pay-to-read program to guarantee that writers could receive steady and considerable incomes above the average in the industry. Ringdom cares about the authors’ long-term revenues. Based on the pay-to-read program, authors could get sustained incomes by taking percentages from coins that readers pay to read his/her stories.

The sound income structure encourages writers to produce high-quality content, then Ringdom readers could enjoy these fascinating stories continuously. This model contributes to building up a healthy ecosystem of producing and consuming on Ringdom. It is one of the goals of STARY, the parent company of Ringdom.

STARY convinces online writing and web fiction would be an irresistible trend among the cultural industry, the success of Dreame indicates STARY’s suppose. Ringdom has unlimited potential as Dreame does.

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