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Bing storm AI Launches Multi-Strategy Portfolio Model, Leading the Digital Asset Investment Market

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Bing storm AI Launches Multi-Strategy Portfolio Model, Leading the Digital Asset Investment Market

December 06
18:05 2022

Bing storm Crypto Investment Foundation, the world’s leading provider of cryptocurrency investment and artificial intelligence technology services, has joined forces with top blockchain technology teams and elite members of the crypto-digital currency community to build the Bing storm AI project, launched a multi-strategy portfolio model, creating a new value gains space for the digital currency intelligent quantitative trading and investment market. Bing storm AI is currently working for over 1,100 companies and institutional investors to maintain a fair and orderly market trading environment and trade over 10,000 different financial and crypto products globally.

The exterior view of Bing storm Crypto Investment Foundation 

As decentralized finance has become a global craze, Bing storm AI has also gained the attention of many top international investment institutions. Since August 2022, Bing storm AI has successively received over $200 million in investments from well-known institutions and used them for strategy optimization and business globalization expansion. These institutions are all top institutions with rich experience and resources in traditional finance or crypto digital assets, and they have not only strong financial strength but also abundant industry resources, which will be a help for the project to develop faster and gain more room for growth.

How did Bing storm AI project rise rapidly to gain ground in the crypto digital asset investment market and gain the favor of several investment institutions? It is certainly not a coincidence, but rather a function of Bing storm AI’s advantages in technology, products and services.

The picture shows Bing storm AI staff doing a project roadshow to investment institutions

About Bing storm AI

Bing storm AI is a digital asset investment platform that uses supercomputing robot + artificial intelligence + multi-strategy portfolio quantitative model. The quantitative arbitrage robot can help clients carry out brick arbitrage and gain stable returns every day based on a variety of investment strategies such as Mesh strategies, CTA strategies, Martingale strategy and Triangular Arbitrage strategy provided by the industry’s leading analysis team. On Bing storm AI quantitative service platform, clients can experience efficient trading services, strategy guidance, AI intelligent market forecast and other diversified contents. Based on the advanced technical framework and excellent model design, Bing storm AI has a huge advantage over its peers in terms of yield, trading accuracy, trading efficiency, security, privacy protection, and number of clients.

The advantages of Bing storm AI

Quantitative trading has been widely used in many traditional investment markets, such as foreign exchange, precious metals and indices, where quantitative trading has become mainstream. Now in the field of digital asset trading, it has also started to gradually become popular. The most suitable for application in the field of digital currency investment is undoubtedly the Statistical Arbitrage strategy, which refers to the use of mathematical means to construct a portfolio of assets to obtain a stable risk-free excess rate of return rather than relying on the market environment. Combining quantitative trading, Statistical Arbitrage strategy and crypto digital currency investment is currently the optimal choice in the field of crypto digital currency investment. Ordinary individual investors have no chance to win when facing high-frequency quantitative trading, while Bing storm AI has super computing power, massive big data and investment strategies carefully designed by an elite team, as well as industry-leading advantages in security, functionality and convenience, which can fully help investors achieve stable and sustainable returns.

Bing storm AI’s risk control system

Any investment behavior is risky, and Bing storm AI is naturally no exception. But Bing storm AI minimizes investors’ investment risks through excellent technology development, superior product design and a strict risk control system. Investors’ personal information is also kept confidential through high-strength encryption and distributed storage. Our technical R&D team and O&M team will continue to optimize our investment strategies, algorithm models and security solutions with the goal of continuously reducing user risk.

The well-known brand, excellent products and comprehensive services are the foundation of Bing storm. AI’s success is also an important reason for many investment institutions to identify and invest, because they know that today, when the crypto digital asset investment market is maturing, Bing storm AI has become a leader in the digital asset investment market and is a potential industry giant.

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