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Airika Chakraborty wins state crown of Little Miss California US Nation 2022

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Airika Chakraborty wins state crown of Little Miss California US Nation 2022

January 26
11:37 2023
“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.” – Paulo Coelho

Airika Chakraborty, an ambitious Indian American aspiring young model, actress, and singer, is a living example of this saying. At such an early age, she has become an inspiration for so many young girls. Her confidence and belief in herself have previously brought her success with the title; Little Miss Los Angeles US Nation 2022.

Photo by: Jim Crilly

In August 2022, while climbing the ladders of success, she decided to compete at the state-level pageant for the first time in her life and won the crown of Little Miss California US Nation 2022.

She expressed a powerful and impressive answer when asked about what she plans to do locally with her new title. She said that she would use her new title to establish an organization that would work for the protection of sea animals as she observes that the industrial sector does not care about marine life when releasing toxic byproducts into the sea.

The brave girl said that her organization would act against those companies which harm the environment. With her title, she aims to educate aspiring artists about the contribution they can make to the well-being of the world in their own capacity.

Such a thought process at this young age makes her stand out among the crowd and explains why she deserves all the recognition she is getting from the industry.

Besides beauty pageants, fashion, and runway shows, she takes a keen interest in sports, games, and other art forms. When asked about her hidden talents, the young girl revealed that she has a Junior Black Belt in taekwondo. Other than that, she is an advanced swimmer too. In her leisure time, she loves playing piano and is greatly inspired by the originality and musical genius of Jason Derulo. Her other hobbies are writing songs and reading books.

Her versatile nature and enthusiasm to try new art forms make her an embodiment of the famous quote by Oliver Wendell;

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Photo Credits to: Kim Gomez

To one of the questions asked during the short interview; “What advice would you give to a girl your age that is interested in modeling?”, she gave an answer that was inspiring and motivating not only for the young models but for all the children artists. She said: “I would say not to be shy. The stage is a place to have fun and express yourself, so just be you. You are enough!”

Airika believes that modeling is the most enjoyable way to fame, and in the future, she intends to continue her career with Miss US Nation Pageants.

Instagram: Airika Chakraborty @airikach

Photo Credits: Jim Crilly & Kim Gomez

Instagram: @jandcphotos


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