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Nomad Internet Founder Jessica Garza Welcomes the Appointment of David Aitken as New CEO

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Nomad Internet Founder Jessica Garza Welcomes the Appointment of David Aitken as New CEO

June 24
19:00 2024
Nomad Internet Founder Jessica Garza Welcomes the Appointment of David Aitken as New CEO

Nomad Internet, a leading provider of high-speed internet services to remote areas, has announced the appointment of David Aitken as its new Chief Executive Officer, with the full support of founder Jessica Garza. With a distinguished career in communication technologies and operational efficiencies, David is set to lead Nomad Internet toward groundbreaking successes in rural connectivity.

David Aitken’s passion for improving communication systems and operational efficiencies has been evident throughout his career. He has held various leadership roles that honed his strategic planning skills, including founding a business that grew to employ over 500 people and produce 1,200 monthly websites, totaling over 30,000. His company was recognized as the fastest-growing in Utah and ranked 11th in the U.S., appearing on the Inc. 500 list for three consecutive years. David was named one of Utah Business’s top 30 executives under 30 for his efforts.

As Chief Operating Officer at Nomad Internet, David significantly impacted the company’s operations, improving customer service and operational effectiveness. His dedication to operational excellence and problem-solving has already paved the way for a bright future under his leadership.

“David Aitken brings a wealth of experience and a strong vision to Nomad Internet,” said Jessica Garza, Founder of Nomad Internet. “I am confident that under his leadership, we will continue to innovate and expand our services, making reliable internet connectivity accessible to even more remote and rural areas.”

Founded in 2017, Nomad Internet connects nomadic RV park residents and underserved rural areas to high-speed wireless internet. Based in New Braunfels, Texas, Nomad Internet has grown rapidly, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the demand for reliable Internet services surged nationwide. As an authorized reseller of one of the leading network providers in the country, Nomad provides essential services by delivering wireless internet directly to consumers without traditional wiring, ensuring dependable connectivity at home, work, or on the move.

Nomad Internet offers a variety of products to meet different needs and lifestyles, including the Nomad Rural One for individuals, the Nomad Omen for households, the Nomad Air for travelers, and the Nomad Raptor for businesses and gamers. Each modem can connect anywhere from fifteen to one hundred and twenty devices, with built-in superior network security features.

Nomad Internet’s flexible plans cater to various data needs and budgets, such as the Nomad Unlimited Ultra Plan, offering speeds up to 200 Mbps for heavy data users, and the Nomad 300GB Rural Plan for lighter users with a data cap. All plans prioritize customer convenience and adaptability by eliminating contracts and credit checks.

The latest addition to Nomad Internet’s portfolio is Nomad Oasis, a comprehensive online safety system for individuals and businesses. It includes tools like Nomad Explorer for finding mobile towers and adjusting modem settings, Nomad Shield for cybersecurity protection, and Nomad Transparency for thorough website screening. These services aim to streamline and protect online experiences, empowering consumers.

Nomad Oasis also aims to create a thriving community hub where people can connect, collaborate, and solve problems together. The upcoming Nomad Stack mobile app will integrate advanced technologies for modem control, data usage analysis, and security, enhancing connectivity.

Under David Aitken’s leadership, Nomad Internet is well-positioned to continue its mission of closing the digital divide and making high-speed, reliable internet available to everyone, even in rural parts of the U.S. David’s commitment to this cause stems from his belief that dependable internet is crucial for education, business, and personal growth.

Beyond his professional achievements, David is a passionate advocate for adoption, inspired by his personal experience of adopting four children. His dedication to improving the lives of children and families is evident in his active involvement in initiatives to change adoption laws.

For more details, contact Nomad Internet at [email protected] or call +1 210 598 5949.

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